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A Lethal Legacy: A History of Ireland in 18 Murders

A Lethal Legacy: A History of Ireland in 18 Murders

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Publication Date: December 19th, 2023
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Staff Reviews

Love will get you killed.

— Five Books Reviewed in Five Words

Ireland's history - written in death!

— Five Books Reviewed in Five Words


The Instant Top 5 Irish Times Bestseller

From the creator of The Irish History Podcast comes a fascinating look at Irish history through the lens of murder.

In A Lethal Legacy, Fin Dwyer charts 200 years of Irish history, opening up our past as never before, by observing the grand societal changes of our times through the intimate lens of eighteen murders and the lives and communities they altered forever.

From the creator of the critically acclaimed Irish History Podcast comes a ground-breaking exploration of the past, casting its gaze beyond the chambers of power and carnage of battle, and into the lives of the everyday people that lived through those violent centuries. From the desperate retributions of the Land War of the nineteenth century, through the unprecedented tumult of the revolutionary years, to the causes that helped to shape contemporary Ireland, these previously overlooked cases of human tragedy offer a fresh perspective on a history we think we know.

Astonishing, illuminating and compelling, A Lethal Legacy chronicles Ireland's turbulent past through one of our most enduring fascinations - the act of killing - and in mapping the causes and aftermath of these cases, Dwyer offers us a fresh new understanding of the fires that forged modern Ireland.

About the Author

Fin Dwyer is an Irish historian and creator of the popular Irish History Podcast, boasting millions of downloads and a global listenership. He has worked on projects for RTÉ and his first book, Witches, Spies and Stockholm Syndrome: Life in Medieval Ireland , was published to critical acclaim in 2013.