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The Book That Can Read Your Mind

The Book That Can Read Your Mind

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Publication Date: March 12th, 2024
Chronicle Books
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Abracadabra! This interactive story is filled with adorable illustrations, and the undeniably fun choose-your-own-adventure style makes for a new read every time. Perfect for parents who can’t bear to read the same book over and over.

Mary Wahlmeier Bracciano, Raven Book Store, Lawrence, KS
March/April 2024 Kids' Indie Next List


Prepare to be amazed by this magic trick in a book!

This is not an ordinary book—it’s a magical one! Lady Rabbit goes beyond pulling a rabbit out of a hat or making herself disappear. For her next act, she will READ YOUR MIND! That's right: You pick a member from the magician's adorable audience—don’t tell which one you’ve chosen—and this book will guess who it is!

Inspired by 17th‑century magic books, this interactive game in a book will enchant readers of all ages, compelling them to pick among many intriguing, illustrated characters and play over and over (and over) again. Now, without further ado . . . let the magic show begin!

A MAGIC TRICK—AND GAME!—IN A BOOK: This book is pure fun—perfect for fans of Press Here, Bunny Slopes, and Tap the Magic Tree. Turn the pages and prepare to be amazed! Kids will interact with this book and experience many different and delightful outcomes.

CELEBRATES THE MAGIC OF BOOKS: This picture book is brimming with energy and interactivity. An ideal alternative to screens, it is a celebration of the book as “an experience.” Kids won’t want to put it down!
PERFECT FOR INDEPENDENT READING AND SHARING: Kids who are reading independently will find joy in interacting with this book, trying to outsmart it, and delighting in what it does. Parents will find joy in reading it repeatedly with their children and sharing in the book’s literal magic. And, speaking of “sharing,” kids will also enjoy sharing this book with their friends!
A STANDOUT GIFT: With its magical hook, irresistible illustrations, and delightful interactivity, this picture book is the perfect gift.

Perfect for:

  • Kids who love magic and magic tricks
  • Parents, grandparents, and teachers seeking a fun and interactive picture book for young children
  • Fans of critically acclaimed author-illustrator Marianna Coppo
  • Gift givers looking for a game in a book

About the Author

Marianna Coppo is the author‑illustrator of Such a Good Boy, A Brave Cat, Fish and Crab, and Petra. She studied editorial illustration at Mimaster in Milan, Italy, and lives in Rome.

Praise for The Book That Can Read Your Mind

“[H]ead-scratchingly ingenious—enough so to prompt many rereads.” — Publisher's Weekly

“Young puzzle masters may try the trick over and over—and be satisfied every time.” — Booklist, Starred Review

“Kids will warm to amusing audience members such as Shroom, Yeti, and Unknown and will delight in the various mini-creatures adorning each page… Inspired and prettily designed.” — Kirkus Reviews