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Call Forth a Fox

Call Forth a Fox

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Publication Date: April 2nd, 2024
Page Street YA
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Staff Reviews

Spellbinding dark histories shatter love.

— Five Books Reviewed in Five Words


A sapphic twist on the classic fairy tale Snow White and Rose Red, perfect for fans of Holly Black

The western wood is where Ro's father built their garden, taught her to forage, and told her tales of the faeries who live there—how to summon them, how to protect herself, and warnings of what they are capable of. Now, her father is gone, the garden has withered, and their family is struggling. Her mother and sister want to move into town, but Ro doesn't want to give up the memories of her father and his stories—or the charming village girl who shares Ro's love of the trees. The forest isn't ready to let Ro go either.

One winter night, on her way home from foraging, Ro encounters a bear attacking a fox. She fights the bear to save the fox's life, only to see the bear turn into a boy after her sister shoots him with an arrow. When the boy wakes, he has no memory of who he is—all he knows is Ro's name and that he has to kill the fox.

Ro never believed in the faeries from her father's stories, but she can't deny the magic surrounding her and that both the boy and the fox are victims of a faerie curse. She'll have to remember everything her father taught her in order to extract herself from this deadly game and keep her precious fox out of harm's way.

About the Author

Markelle Grabo retells the fairy tales that frustrate her, which, based on that guideline, could include nearly all of them. She earned her master's degree in creative writing for children and young adults from Hamline University and lives in Illinois with her partner and their two cats, Matcha and Kava. Call Forth a Fox is her debut novel.

Praise for Call Forth a Fox

"An enchanting adventure anchored by a queer romance; this is a welcome spin on a familiar story."
Kirkus Reviews

"Romantasy fans will be ensorcelled and left begging for more."

"Poetic and spellbinding. This atmospheric and assured debut is steeped in the tension between familial and romantic love—and the dark histories that can shatter both."
—Eliot Schrefer, Printz-honor author of The Darkness Outside Us