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Donation Requests

Horton's Books & Gifts is very involved in community and charitable organizations.  We are committed to giving back.  Although we would like to be able to fill every request for donations, a small business such as ours cannot fullfil every request. 

All requests should be submitted at least three (3) weeks prior to the event.  We do not accept e-mail or telephone request.  All requests must have a donation request letter from a non-profit (including the tax number) stating what the donation is for, when the donation will be needed, and the event planner's contact information.  If a donation is approved, the planner will be contacted to pick up the item.

Donations are in-kind only.  Items donated will be at the discretion of Horton's Books & Gifts.  We do not give monitary donations.  As a small business, we must abide by professional and legal guidelines.